2. Hobo Nation from Joel Dutton on Vimeo.

    Hobo Nation is a non-profit ministry out of Woodstock, GA that partners with homeless street artist, primarily from Atlanta, to produce clothing and accessories. Their merchandise is sold and a small portion of the profit goes to the artist and the rest is donated to ministries that serve in homelessness and human trafficking. The founders of this ministry don’t get paid for the work they put in, their heart is to truly give everything they have to help serve these people and ministries.

    For more information please check out: hobonation.org

  3. Timothy Williams Photographs Nicole Brown at Brisbane Botanical Gardens from Mia Forrest on Vimeo.

    I accompanied fashion photographer Tim Williams on a shoot with Tamblyn model, Nicole, to capture some behind the scenes footage.
    Shot at the serene Brisbane Botanical Gardens.

    Music: “Doused” - Diiv

  4. The One Thing Your Startup Really Needs to Succeed

    See on Scoop.it - Clothing Manufacturer and Exporter from Bangladesh

    It’s not a business plan, or even a killer idea. Can you guess what it is?

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  5. An Already Always Listening

    An Already Always Listening

    Originally posted on Leadership Without Being in Charge:

    In a recent conversation with my dad, he told me a story where the retort to a given comment was ‘that is either SWAG or WAG, which one is it?’  SWAG is a scientific wild ass guess. That sums up far too much of everything today for me. Look at the science called economics or meteorology. Both appear from more than one perspective as WAG. …

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Lengkuas - Belitung by Abdul Azis (ais) on Flickr.
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Burnt by the Sun by  fotojazz


    Burnt by the Sun by  fotojazz

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Bali  by Kenny Teo (zoompict)
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Water Tower In Front Of Sunset 1 (via hilighters)
(c) 2010 hilighters under CC-BY license.