1. Seeking for Clothing merchandising position locally or internationally!!


    I would appreciate it if you could review my Resume http://linkd.in/omr4WR. If you are considering hiring someone with my background, now or in the future, you may be pleased you did.

    Lived in Bangladesh so far, experienced various challenges in Apparels/Textiles/Retail industries in various environments, got some experience and good connections … and plan to move to my next great opportunity.

    Networker, honored to have few thousands Direct Contacts, Top-managers, Retailer, Buyer, Manufacturer and Highly-skilled Professionals, allowing me to reach business goal around the glove.

    13+ years total experience in business development, marketing & merchandising and production management. Presently working at Canada based retail buying agent in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    Apparel Marketing, Merchandising and production management, costing, order development, sourcing materials, production planning & follow-up, earner of customer’s confidence, problem solver and instant decision maker. 

    Merchandising Fashion Export & Import, Product Development, Buying Agency, catalysts, Optimization of taxes and duties, best price selection, Local import sourcing strategy, Estimation of target price, Selection of right source 

    Supervised, managed and implemented marketing & merchandising in the area of Woven, Knit and Sweater. 

    Passion for developing transferable knowledge & expertise, team dynamics and accountability at all levels. 

    Seeking to make a long term commitment to a retailer, wholesaler, agent that can use our expertise and passion! 

    I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my credentials with you at a mutually convenient time. Thank you so much for your consideration. 

    Best regards